Your vehicle may qualify for lifetime protection for as long as you own your vehicle at no additional cost to you.

Provides Mechanical Breakdown Protection to the

Following Major Assemblies:

A. ENGINE - Cylinder Block; Cylinder Head(s) and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine including: Pistons; Piston Rings; Connecting Rod and Connecting Rod Bearings; Crankshaft; Crankshaft Main Bearings; Camshaft; Camshaft Bearings; Cam Followers; Timing Chain or Belt; Timing Gears; Guides; Timing Chain or Timing Belt Tensioners; Rocker Arms; Rocker Shafts; Rocker Bushings; Intake and Exhaust Valves; Cylinder Head Valves; Valve Guides; Valve Lifters; Valve Springs; Valve Seals; Valve Retainers; Valve Seats; Push Rods; Water Pump; Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing; Oil Dipstick and Tube; Harmonic Balancer; Oil Pan; Timing Chain Cover; Intake and Exhaust Manifold; Valve Covers; Engine Mounts; Cam Gear Bolts; Harmonic Balancer Bolt; Seals and Gaskets.

DIESEL ENGINE COVERAGE - All of the above Engine parts plus: Glow Plugs, Glow Plug Control Module; Vacuum Pump; Water Separator; Shut Off Valve; Oil Vapor Separator.

HYBRID ENGINE COVERAGE - All of the above Engine parts plus: Electric Motor; Generator; Power Split Device.

ROTARY ENGINE COVERAGE - All of the above Engine parts plus: Rotor Chamber and all Internal Parts.

B. TURBOCHARGER/SUPERCHARGER - (Factory Installed Only) Turbocharger/Supercharger Housing and all Internal Parts; Seals and Gaskets.

C. TRANSMISSION - (Automatic or Standard) Transmission Case and all Internal Parts plus: Torque Converter; Flywheel/Flex Plate; Vacuum Modulator; Electronic Shift Control Unit and Solenoids; Transmission Cooler; Transmission Mounts; Oil Pan; Internal Nuts/Bolts and Fasteners; Slave Cylinder; Clutch Master Cylinder; Seals and Gaskets.

D. TRANSFER CASE - Transfer Case and all Internal Parts; Internal Nuts/Bolts and Fasteners; Seals and Gaskets.

E. DRIVE AXLE - (Front and Rear) Drive Axle Case; all Internal Parts contained within the Drive Axle; Internal Nuts/Bolts and Fasteners; Locking Hubs; Drive Shafts; Center Support Bearings; Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints; Axle Bearings; Four-Wheel Drive Actuator; Differential Cover; Seals and Gaskets including CV Boots.

Filters, Lubricants, Coolants and Fluids may be covered if replacement is required in connection with a covered breakdown.

Ask Your Sales Representative For Details.

*Certain restrictions and owner responsibilities apply.